Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ colors?

We consider the colors meaningful.

White is clean and beautiful, black is ugly and dark, blue is refreshing, green is serene.

Our views about colors can sometimes drag us into a big delusion. Some might fall into the mistake of defining colors as 'good' and 'bad'.

Black is bad, red is bad.

Black is night and darkness, and darkness is uncertainty.

Red is blood, blood is death, death is nothingness.

The human mind may become constrained with stereotypes. No, man should not fall into this blindness. The colors are beautiful. Orange, purple, light green, brown, cyan, khaki...

There is no need to divide them as primary or secondary colors. Each color is special, each is unique. No color is another color’s second.

Those who are deceived by the mindset that considers the black bad, offended, have been rude, disgraced, enslaved, contemned, and segregated… black people for centuries.

In every country there are different color perceptions and conceptions of ' the other color'. What we must say to those who define colors as good or bad first is “The colors are not guilty”. The offenses come from the perceptions, arrogance, hubris, selfishness… Black is beautiful. White is also beautiful. The red is beautiful as well.

It is already time for you to look at the colors of the world in a way that is free from fixed ideas, without prejudices. 

Look, Lights are having baths in the rivers / Ebubekir Eroglu

We all know how a light competes a landscape. While sun arises behind a mountain, we see many times it fell on wide lands with a river. At least we can imagine it. We can think like lights puffing the surface of waters like incensories. After that we can think of, light beams that flow through waters with enjoyment and then touching the ground.

A river made from lights

Maybe our lives passed in a village house just nearby to this river. If going nowhere didn't bothered you, this life seems so enjoyable. What makes a person sad is not thing that he lacks of, but distance from the country that he dreams to live. Most of the time, dreamers are restless. Whoever knows, is get crushed by his knowledge.

Maybe, the most innocent part of some of us is unawareness from the world. Maybe.

If we don't exist, If we didn't live in this age. If we didn't have any horizon beyond our walking distance. Would life be a darker, worse and more unbearable place? If we didn't know about an awesome idea, If we know no one beyond our town, behind of the mountain is empty.

With these in mind, Is it possible we are idling around because we don't know more beside our very narrow world? Are we having fun because we don't know what is beyond this worldly life? Aren't worlds we are gallivanting about give us ideas about eternity?

Can light illuminate our eternity, like water cleans our lives? In our long,very long lives, shouldn't it be most humanely expectation that some concepts should illuminate dark part of our lives like the sun in the sky. 

Like the last words of the Goethe, unlike the main ingredient of photography, like main ingredient of life ' light, more and more light'

Our lives needs to interpretation as our dreams.

Relationship of human with life is strange. He gives names to where he lives, to other livings, even to the nonphysical things like time. He wants to define everything and put some boundry to it. While preoccupy with his past, he dreams about his future.
While all of this going on, he sticked to the things that his mind and cognizance can’t fathom. It takes him for a while to understand earth is not flat. He have a grasp of many things from micro to macro worlds. He discovered some very genius things. Yet, there is still millions more to discover. After he discovers some mystery, many more come after that. Even if we give up the places we can’t go, deep of the space, there is still ourselves, remains still as a big mystery. Even though we can’t fathom dreams fully, we can describe our lives similar to dreams when we come near to end of it. Time perception differences, feeling a mere seconds of a dream like hours, changing thinking of past/future ideas with becoming old, eternity idea that keeps nudging us…All of them is in front of us seems like unsolvable riddles. Because Scientific explanations of scientist deliver is inadequate, puzzle of human needs higher explanations.

Our lives needs to interpretation as our dreams.

If only we could move as fast as our dreams! It would be a very colorful and fun life then.

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